Value Engineering & Analysis

Value, simply a ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be manipulated by either improving the function or reducing the cost. The term "value management" is sometimes used as a synonym of "value engineering", and both promote the planning and delivery of projects with improved performance.

Our commitment to excellence in providing value engineering services is possible due to our well-equipped engineering facility and a team of VE specialists to develop cost-effective strategies for our clients. Additionally, we also involve industry experts to address problems across different domains more comprehensively.

The objective of our value engineering services is to identify and eliminate high cost areas in the value chain, ensuring a balance between efficient use of resources and decreased operating costs. Our Value Engineering team works closely with designers and stake holders to ensure appropriateness and accuracy in information, which in turn helps in improving the operational efficiency of the organization.

We approach towards VA/VE covers multiple aspects:

  • Method Optimization: Conceptual design study and Detection of optimization opportunities
  • Feature enhancement: Functional study of product, subsystems and parts
  • Performance development: Validation of product performance aspects and Evaluation of improved opportunities
Value Engineering & Analysis

Our Standouts

  • Customer needs : This step determines the details of the project such as the requirements, functionality and constraints involved in the project
  • Stand-in Generation : Once the details of the project are ascertained, a list of methods and possibilities of executing the project or providing value engineering services is generated
  • Validation and Evaluation : All the methods to meet the requirements of the project are evaluated and analyzed
  • Presentation : Atlast, the most lucrative method is selected and presented to the customer for approval. Once approved by the customer, it is implemented.