Product Design & Development

SAM CADDesign recognizes the importance of the product design and development process from conceptual stage to product launch through the product lifecycle. What makes us stand out from the others, our ability to provide complete design solutions and offer comprehensive product development services by incorporating all aspects of product industrial design and engineering consultation.

We, at SAM CADDesign, encompass the overall conceptual development, creative design and product engineering, product architecture, design for manufacturing and product cost. The goal is to develop innovative solutions based on the development of design criteria.

The 3D software enables our engineers to interact with a simulated model of the product and study the performance limitations, thus allowing us optimize the final products features. The final design is passed through a final test phase to double check the performance of the product.

Common business challenges and helps businesses to:

  • Make products more competitive.
  • It keeps production costs down but allows higher end user pricing.
  • Keeps users happy, encouraging loyalty and leading to recommendation of products to other end users and other businesses.
  • Strong brand identity encourages end users to trust existing products and to try new ones.
Product Design & Development
Product Design & Development

Our Standouts

  • Product innovation and performance enhancement
  • Product localization expertise
  • Shortening lead time and design cycle
  • Power of the brand
  • Aggressive cost reduction through VA/VE ownership model