2D Drafting

Drawing & Drafting is an essential component in the industrial design process, facilitating visual thinking and creativity. It constitutes one type of design model, along with specifications, 3D representations and CAD techniques. SAM CADDesign provides well executed drawings and drafting services.

By accessing our services, your drawings will be easy to integrate with other parts or assemblies, speeding up the CAD design process. We handle any complexity level with cutting edge technology that could satisfy all your engineering requirements. We offer seamless shop drawing and drafting services with guaranteed improved efficiency on your design processes, presentation styles, and CAD libraries, including ‘easy-to-modify’ revision control, linked annotations, and layer management adhering to engineering CAD standards (ANSI/ASME Y14.1, ISO).

Our 2D drafting team has good understanding of architectural, structural, and civil engineering requirements. Additionally, our team has experience in product design, manufacturing and prototyping in various industries. Your drawings will be readily editable, easy to archive, search, and modify.

General services offering for 2D Drafting are:

  • Machine shop drawings
  • Mold design and tool drawings
  • Sheetmetal design and weldment drawings
  • Exploded and isometric drawings
  • Retail Store Fixture and Layout drawings
  • Section and Elevation drawings in Architectural
  • Electrical and Electronic drawings
2D Drafting
2D Drafting

Our Standouts

  • Attention to detail concerning your requirements
  • Exact scaling and the incorporation of exact specifications
  • Team of specialists with extensive knowledge in CAD drafting
  • Time efficient retrieval process of the designs and documentations.
  • Cost effective, Data safety and professional output
  • Precise drawings that leave no scope for errors
  • Legibility, speed and accuracy
  • Accurate 2D drafting results within stipulated time frame