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SAM CADDesign, the outsourcing engineering services firm working towards excellence of the primary business in "Design & Analysis" through innovation and technology for Automotive, Mechanical and various Industrial sectors.

SAM CADDesign, one of the contributions of SAM Groups. It has established a highly regarded position of being the industry leader in providing product design and development projects and simulations, design support, CNC Programming, CAD training and functional mentoring.

We help customers to create tomorrow’s technology today by supporting them in their most complex and challenging engineering innovations. Contact us now to know how we can work together to obtain manufacturing solutions that could help your business to optimize productivity, increase efficiency and potentially cut costs.


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Profit is indispensable for growth but it must be achieved by Quality Prioritization.

The astounding look-and-feel of our digital content ensures that you are always at a competitive advantage in the market.

Our affordable yet premium services help you focus on scaling your core business without compromising on existing one.

In addition to prompt technical support, we go an extra mile and help you make the right decisions, in case you need.

Concept Work

It usually begins with a review of functional requirements and performance metrics. We works closely with our client to ensure that the full design intent is captured and engineering considerations are incorporated at this early stage of development.

Detailed Design

Besides Conceptual work, Detailed design is often considered the most crucial stage in the design process. After general sizing and structural validation has been completed, localized regions in the project need to be examined and optimized.

Cost Effective

From verifying that the product is designed for the appropriate lifecycles to minimizing manufacturing costs, we can guide your product to success. Design, Drafting and Analysis will reduce your go-to-market


We give the utmost importance to our customers' confidential data, to ensure that all client data and information sent to us is secure. All our facilities have controlled access entry points, and information is shared on a need-to-know basis with authorized personnel only.






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Passion towards globalizing our company. We strive for the success of our customers by introducing innovative ideas, concepts and designs.


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